It has been 87 years since Dr. Willis Carrier invented mechanical air conditioning, and we at Baker & Sons are glad he did.
Though residential air conditioning didn`t come into being until 1914, the technology has come a long way since the days when home central-air units looked like giant furnaces. These days, when people talk about air conditioning, you hear terms such as BTU, tonnage and SEER rating.

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. The dictionary says a BTU is the amount of energy required to raise or lower 1 gallon of water 1 degree per hour. When air conditioners are rated, they often are rated by BTU numbers in the thousands. Residential systems may be rated at 24,000 BTUs or some other such number.
Air-conditioning systems also may be rated by tonnage. There are 12,000 BTUs per ton. Thus, if an air-conditioning system is rated at 24,000 BTUs, it is a 2-ton unit.

You also may hear the term SEER. That stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the number, the greater the efficiency of the unit. The greater the efficiency of the unit, the less energy it requires to power it.

If you have an air-conditioning system rated at 10, for example, it will draw less electricity to power it than will a system rated at 8. That means it will cost a homeowner less to operate a system rated 10 than one rated 8 for the same amount of cooling.

Great, you say. Then it makes sense to buy a system rated 10 or higher. Maybe. In theory, yes, but it depends on how much you use air conditioning.
If you use it a great deal, a higher-rated system will cost you less to operate in the long run. However, its up-front cost-its purchase price-generally is much higher than a system with a lower rating. But if you use it a great deal, you will get that money back within a few years.

That`s how we at Baker & Sons with see it. There`s really no maximum on the rating system. Their will come the day when systems will attain a 20 rating. We`re making them more efficient all the time. Here at Baker & Sons we recommends that anyone buying an air-conditioning system today get one with an high SEER rating and a 5-year or better warranty.

If you sit down us we will discuss what your upfront costs will be versus the pay-back over a period of years after discussing how much you use the system. The purchase of a new air condition is an important investment so for information on air conditioning in Sarasota that residents have come to trust and rely on for 27 years, call Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc. at 941-227-0676.