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"Honey, the ac repair guy is using all these big vocabulary words again"

Let's learn those obscure technical definitions that AC companies use?

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What on earth are those obscure technical definitions that AC companies use?

hvac abc's

We as residents of Sarasota are bombarded with technical terms concerning repair and service of our HVAC systems from the area professional HVAC companies. One of those premier companies, Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc., in this article we will provide technical definitions for some of the more obscure terms used in the HVAC industry.

AFUE: The ratio of annual output energy compared to annual input energy. The higher the

AFUE percentage is, the more efficient the furnace. Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is a measure of your furnace’s heating efficiency.

Btu/h: British thermal units per hour. A unit of the rate of energy consumption or delivery.

Certified Matched System: A heating and cooling system comprised of equipment that has been certified to perform at certified efficiency levels when used together, and used according to design and engineering specifications. The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) puts heating and cooling equipment through rigorous certification processes to ensure systems deliver the efficiency performance at certain test conditions.

Combustion: Combustion takes place when gaseous, liquid or solid fuels react at an elevated temperature with oxygen by burning, thus releasing heat. For good combustion, an adequate supply of oxygen must be available, and all the carbon in the fuel will be converted to carbon dioxide and all the hydrogen to water vapor.

Damper: When used in ductwork, the damper is a movable plate that regulates airflow. Dampers are used to direct air to the areas that need it most. Typically used in zoning applications.

dB: A decibel is a unit used to measure the relative intensity of sound.

Energy Input Rating: The amount of input energy delivered at the burner of furnaces, water heaters and boilers, measured in British thermal units (Btus) per hour.

FLUE: The passageways in heating equipment and vents through which combustion products pass to the outside atmosphere.

GAMA: The GAMA Efficiency Rating Certified logo appears on space and water heating equipment that has been certified by the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute. It is your guarantee that the equipment’s energy-efficiency ratings have been independently verified by a third party. Space and water heating equipment displaying the GAMA emblem includes furnaces, water heaters, boilers and direct heating equipment.

Manual J Calculation: A residential load calculation procedure, based on an accepted industry standard (approved by the American National Standards Institute) used for the proper sizing and selection of HVAC equipment in residential homes.

Reclaiming: Returning used refrigerant to the manufacturer for disposal or reuse.

Thermal Expansion Valve: The metering device or flow control that regulates the amount of liquid refrigerant allowed to enter the evaporator.

Standby Loss Heat: energy that escapes stored water in a tank-type water heater, requiring that water to be heated even when there is no demand. Manufacturers reduce standby loss in tank water heaters by insulating the tank.

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