Is my air condition unit efficient?

The continuous hot weather in Sarasota and Bradenton always has residents concerned about the costs for operating our air conditioners and how we can cut down on our monthly utility bills. The price of energy is constantly rising and not likely to come down so in this article we will discuss things that can be done to keep our electric bills from climbing even higher.

If you reduce the amount of electricity consumption you save money on your electric bill. The best place to start is with lowering your AC’s energy consumption and that is done by checking the level of optimum operation of the unit. In other words how is the unit functioning? The older the unit is dictates how much maintenance is required and represents higher operating costs. If the unit is not only old but worn out, then no matter what you do to conserve energy your electric bill will continue to increase. The answer is an investment in the purchase and installation of a new unit to replace the old worn out unit. The cost is not cheap but in the end you will recoup your investment in not only lower repair and maintenance costs if any and lower monthly utility bills.

time to replace AC unit

The purchase of a new unit should be done knowing what factors are important. First, today's units are extremely energy efficient compared with those of only a few years ago so you want to be sure of the size unit you need. Size is important because an undersized or oversized unit will defeat the purpose of purchasing an energy efficient unit. The AC professionals like those at Baker& Sons AC can guide you in what size you need to properly and efficiently cool your home. Additionally there are websites such as Energy Star (the federal government website) that provides information and makes suggestions for more efficient electrical usage as well as instructing you on how to calculate the size of the unit that is best for your home.

Now that we have discussed the tire worn out unit scenario, lets discuss your not so old unit and how to maximize its efficiency. The answer is quite simple; annual cleaning and regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance. These services should include but not be limited to check the refrigerant level, inspection of exposed coils, filters, fins, or vents insuring that they are all free of dust and moisture, and replacing filters regularly.

Is Your AC Unit Up To Par?

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