One of the problems faced in today’s airtight homes is the ability of microorganisms to build up in the home. One of the common hiding places is the air conditioning unit. While a regular routine of cleaning your air conditioners drain pan is helpful, cleaning the coils is really necessary. This is one of the major sources of mold and bacteria in a home. This is followed closely by the air ducts supplying warm and cool air to the rooms in your home. For air sterilization services in the Greater Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida area call Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc at (941) 377-3602.

Why Air Sterilization Is Important

Home air sterilization is a technology that has been perfected since 1998, even though the ability of UV light to kill pathogens has been known for at least 65 years. The initial motivation behind developing this technology was the fear of biological warfare. Things like the anthrax scare of 2001 drove continued testing into using the known properties of ultraviolet light to destroy airborne pathogens.

Several obstacles had to be overcome. The system needed to work without consuming excess amounts of electricity. The design had to be compatible with HVAC systems. The right intensity of UV light had to be produced. By October 2006, the technology was installed in the Pentagon for active testing in a real-world setting. It is now available for installation in homes and businesses around the country.

How UV Germicidal Lights Work

UV light has powerful anti-microbial action. When the wavelength is kept at the right length, UV rays kill harmful bio-organisms in the air, as well as in food and water. This special UV light is known as ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). The specific band of ultraviolet light is known as the “C” band. UVC destroys the nucleic acids that form the DNA structure, destroying the reproductive capability of micro-organisms. Bacteria, viruses and molds are all destroyed when they pass through UVC light.

By installing UV lights at the register into every room, you can put the power of UV rays into effect. Any organisms that pass the UV light break down and die.

Benefits of UV Air Sterilization

One of the primary benefits of installing a UV air sterilization system in your home or business is the ability of UV light to destroy bacteria. Whether it’s the common cold or H1N1 influenza type virus, UV air sterilization systems prevent the spread of these viruses that can spread through airborne particles. UV air sterilization units can kill 93% or more airborne pathogens during a single pass. That means that the first time the air enters a room through a heating or air conditioning duct most of the harmful organisms have been eliminated.

Why Your Home Needs UV Air Sterilization

Even if you don’t have someone living in your home who has a compromised immune system, UV air sterilization will benefit you. Cleaner air improves general health overall. When your body isn’t fighting pathogens in your living environment, you have more energy.

Imagine preventing mold build-up on your air conditioning coils so the system remains efficient and stops your exposure to mold toxins. This can provide much needed relief to sufferers of allergies and asthma. Even bleeding lung disease has responded to the addition of UVC technology in homes and businesses.

Eliminating System Mold and Bacteria through UVC Lights

UVC lights are one of the most effective ways to deal with mold and bacteria. As an added benefit, UVC often eliminates unpleasant odors.

Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc specializes in installing UVC air purifiers to eliminate any mold and microbial activity in your ductwork and air conditioning equipment. Whether home, apartment or office, Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc can design an installation that works for your situation. Contact us today at (941) 377-3602 to learn more.