No air conditioning in Bradenton is unimaginable, but it can happen and if it does the first thing you will want to know is; what is the replacement cost? The cost can vary widely depending on numerous factors but we will try and discuss some of the basics in this article. A simple replacement of the air conditioning unit in a system already in place would only be a few thousand dollars. However, if new ductwork or other parts are needed the price starts increasing. A further consideration to replacement cost will be the SEER rating of the new unit. The higher the SEER rating the more expensive the unit, but it should reduce your operating cost because of its high efficiency rating which will reduce the amount of energy needed as compared to your old unit’s energy requirements. The cost will again increase if you choose to or need to increase efficiency of your new unit by installing new ducts. The accurate cost for your replacement can be obtained from AC professionals like Baker & Sons Air Conditioning and will be based on the aforementioned as well as the demands of the particular contractor relating to location of the installation, if not appropriate in the existing location of the old unit.

Split System Air Conditioners

Split systems are the norm in Bradenton and that means the louder portion of the system is located outside of the building and the cold coil portion, which handles the air, is located somewhere inside. These split systems require ductwork that carries the cool air throughout the living area. Fortunately this also means that most homes have a preexisting duct work system which allows the professional contractors like Baker & Sons to only have to provide minimal work, usually just minor leak repairs to insure the efficiency of the new installation. This kind of service availability, usually only available from the best and most respected AC contractors, will in fact help keep down your total cost for replacing the air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Costs: Installation and Warranty’s

The purchase and installation of a new air conditioning unit can be separated into two separate $ figures. The benefit is that you can but in one place and choose who you want to stall. The choice is yours but be aware that installation when charged separately is based on time and necessary parts related to the installation Another scenario may be a contractor providing a low cost price for your Air Conditioner Unit but a large labor cost in the fine print for the installation. Baker & Sons installation teams are constantly training on how to be efficient and accurate while installing, reducing the labor cost to the company and passing that saving on to you in the total price for purchase and installation. Baker & Sons also believes that your new investment should be protected so they offer yearly maintenance packages after installation that not only elongate the life of your new system but guarantee you are maintaining the terms of your new warranty.

Air Conditioning Costs: Brands

The brand name you choose can affect the cost of replacing your air conditioning system. You want to choose a brand name that is well-known for quality. You may think these units will cost more but in reality over the years brands have leveled in terms of cost. In Bradenton, professional AC contractors like Baker & Sons have established relationships with most major brand dealers giving them a buying advantage and being able to pass those savings on to their clients. This type of buying power and savings should be considered when choosing the brand of your replacement unit as well as the AC professionals that will do the installation.

If you have any questions about the operation and maintenance of your existing AC system or the purchase and installation of a new high efficiency system, you are invited to call Baker & Sons Air Conditioning at 941-227-0676