Zone Control Systems

Zone controls are fantastic options for homeowners who want to have room by room control of the temperature in their home or commercial building. Zone controls allow the independent control of any room or section of a building or home with its own unique thermostat. In essence, one room can be kept hotter or colder based on the comfort preferences of the occupants or the building owner. Due to the moderate year-round climate, Sarasota area residents can save money with zone control systems by using less energy heating and cooling rooms when they aren’t in use.

Zone control systems can save you thousands on energy bills and provide homeowners with more control over the temperature in their homes. Some of the more advanced systems allow you to remotely monitor and set temperatures in your home room by room from a computer or PDA with internet access. This level of control allows you to save money by expending less energy heating and cooling rooms in your home when they’re unoccupied.

While more advanced zone control systems can be expensive, there are many moderately priced and inexpensive options for people on a budget. Even homes that use boilers can be zone controlled through hydronic pumps. Zone control is truly an affordable option for most home comfort systems and budgets.

Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc can zone areas of a building or home using controls that allow each zone to be unique and independent. It is estimated that over half of the energy used in your home is heating and cooling related. Zoning is a great way to cut those costs while controlling and maintaining maximum comfort.

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