HVAC Renovations

HVAC systems have a useful life which may be extended through careful maintenance of the system. Yet, at some point, replacement or rebuilding of a system must be faced. Commercial HVAC settings are more often slated for renovations, while home owners are more likely to opt for replacement rather than renovation. Whatever type of HVAC service you’re in need of, Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc is here to help all residents of the Sarasota and Bradenton area.

One of the major reasons commercial buildings look at renovation is the design of the HVAC systems themselves. Cooling towers are separate structures, rather than an integral part of a compact cooling unit. The separate parts of a cooling unit can be rebuilt or replaced.

So how will a HVAC company approach renovation? How can you be assured that renovation is needed?

HVAC Renovations Begin with a Building Tune-up

The first step to determining what renovations may be needed in the HVAC system is to conduct a thorough analysis of how the current system is working. What should the existing equipment accomplish as far as cooling? Are there deficiencies in performance in a component of the system? For example, the cooling towers may not be delivering the condenser water temperature needed to reject heat. This then means the building temperatures are difficult to maintain.

Choosing to Renovate vs. Replace HVAC Systems

The condition of the overall system is one factor. If there are signs that many parts of the system are in poor condition, then replacement would be the better choice. At the same time, in a commercial setting, often only one aspect of the system is demonstrating issues. This means renovation could save a considerable amount of money.

Once the condition of the system has been assessed there are still two other factors to consider before deciding whether an HVAC renovation is the best choice. 1) Are the front-end savings of renovating enough to justify continuing to use older equipment or more likely to break down than new equipment? 2) Would the loss of long-term savings erase the front-end savings in a few years?

Front-End Savings on an HVAC Renovation

When it is possible to replace only a portion of an HVAC system, there will be a cost savings over the expense of replacing the entire system. When pricing out a new system versus replacing components, it is important to factor in when the parts that aren’t slated for replacement might need to be addressed. If these renovations are potentially several years out, then the cost savings at this time could be well worth it.

Long-term Savings on an HVAC Renovation

It is possible during an HVAC renovation to improve the efficiency of the existing system. For example, the manufacturer of the HVAC system may have more earth-friendly coolant systems available today that can replace the previous coolant. The efficiency of the system may be improved by installing variable frequency drives so the system is more efficient when operating at 50%. Another factor that may be improved during the HVAC renovation is the amount of horsepower used by cooling towers.

When these types of changes can be worked into an HVAC renovation, saving money on the front-end is backed up by long-term savings in operating costs. If such savings will not be accomplished by a renovation, then replacement may be a better solution, even if the front-end costs are higher.

HVAC Renovation May Avoid Business Disruption

One major concern for most commercial HVAC applications is the concern that HVAC renovations could cause a disruption to business. This is real concern, especially when there is no other way to supply ventilation to a building (which is typical of most multi-story structures).

At Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc we have 23 years of Commercial HVAC experience. We have helped Sarasota, Manatee & Charlotte County commercial property owners renovate their HVAC systems without it disrupting the lives of their tenants.

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