Home Automation Control 4

Control 4® home automation brings to life something that has been envisioned for at least 40 years in the HVAC industry—a home where everything from coffee makers and lights to HVAC and security systems are controlled with the touch of a button. The truth is it’s already gotten better than that. The Control4® My Home iPad application is now available to turn the internet into your base of operations. This is in addition to iPhone, Android and laptop apps already available.

So what makes home automation Control 4® something you need for your home or business? It’s the power Control 4® gives you to make your life comfortable. Whether you want your home to be the right temperature when you get home from work, or you want to receive a text message when your teenager makes it home from school, Control 4® is the most affordable home management solution available on the market.

Home automation using Control 4 is a scalable solution for controlling lighting, temperature, security and entertainment. If all you use Control 4® for is to control your HVAC system, you will reap financial benefits. Add the array of appliances in your home—refrigerator, electric range, small kitchen appliances, computers, TVs, stereos—and the information you get from the Control 4® home automation system, will help you save money on your entire electric bill.

Home Automation Control 4 – Enhancing Security Among Other Features

Because Control 4® allows you to program lights randomly; you can create the effect of someone being home much more effectively than the old timer switches you plug your lamps into. You can create a customized scenario that turns lights on in one room, then on in the next room and off in the one you “left.” You can also turn TVs and stereos on and off, so it really sounds like someone is home. A TV that’s going all night isn’t much security assistance, and neither is an all-night light bulb.

Home Automation Control 4 – Using the Power of Wireless

How does this all work? The Home Automation Control 4® has a Home Theater Controller (HTC) that you can set up anywhere in your home. But the HTC has the ability to control a lot more than electronics. If you install Control 4® light switches, you can control all the light switches in the house.

Control 4® leverages standards like IP, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and MP3, which is one of the reasons it is so flexible. This means you can program your shades to close when the sun is shining through the window in the afternoon or to keep heat trapped inside at night. You can control your thermostat from any of the Control 4® interfaces, including your iPhone. You can install occupancy sensors so lights turn off when no one is in the room. Automating your home with a Control 4® home automation system can even help you control your use of water by optimizing when your sprinklers turn on and off.

Home Automation Control 4 Installation

When it comes to a Control 4® system, only the most experienced DIYer should install the system. There’s a reason for this. For one, to experience the maximum benefits, you need to do some rewiring. You will be replacing switches at the wall and HVAC controllers. While this isn’t the most difficult task, you then also have to program the switches, which is a job for the patient or experienced.

Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from installing a home automation Control 4® system. We’ll help you design the Control 4® home automation system that best fits your Sarasota, FL area home. Then we will install it so discretely, you’ll only know it’s there because it works. Call Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc at 941-227-0676 today to learn how you could start saving money on your energy bills while improving the quality of your life at the same time.