Easy to See Thermostats

Easy-to-See thermostats aren’t just for the visually impaired. They just make life easier for anyone with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Honeywell’s Easy-to-See thermostats meet the needs of anyone who is visually impaired or has lost hand strength.

Honeywell Easy-to-See Thermostat is the Leader.

An easy-to-see thermostat makes it easier to keep the temperature of your home where you want it. The visual component uses high-contrast markings and special low-glare materials so it’s easier to read what the current temperature setting is. For those who are blind, the temperature setting scale and switch markings are raised so they can be recognized by touch. The raised marking also helps with sight recognition.

Honeywell has made adjusting the temperature easier by making the temperature-setting dial or lever large and easy to grip. As the dial is turned, you feel it click and hear an audible beep. Each click raises or lowers the temperature two degrees. For those needing even more assistance, a snap-on accessory, made for all round easy-to-see thermostats doubles the graspable area.

Honeywell makes easy-to-see thermostats that are compatible with both low-voltage conventional systems and heat pump systems.

Honeywell’s Backlit Digital Display

There are other thermostats on the market that are easy to see. Honeywell’s FocusPRO and RTH lines offer models that feature large, clear backlit digital displays. Some dexterity may be required for pressing the buttons.

Emerson Climate Technologies Thermostats

The Emerson Blue Easy Reader is also designed to be very easy to use. The blue display is 6-inches diagonally with the actual temperature of the room displayed in the middle of the screen. At the upper right, the screen displays the temperature you want the room to be. At the bottom, the screen displays four options—Heat, A/C, Off and Fan. Below each option there is a button that turns on the feature. When a feature is off the bubble text is just outlined. When a feature is on, the letters are filled and appear in solid black. There are two arrow buttons to the right of the screen. The red up button raises the temperature setting and the blue down button lowers it.

The Emerson Blue Easy Reader is an option for those who prefer digital readouts. Most people find its one-touch button design very easy to use.

Advantages of Programmable Easy-to-See Thermostats

When you install a programmable easy to see thermostat, your utility bill will drop. This is because you can program your home for ultimate energy efficiency year round. In the winter, you can program your home to be cooler when you are gone or during the night when it is actually conducive to better sleep to drop temperatures down to 64°F. During the summer you can program the thermostat so your home is warmer during the day, say 82°F and only drops to 78°F when you are at home.

A programmable thermostat can lead to considerable energy savings. In addition, it can make your home much more comfortable at the times you want it to be comfortable.

Programmable Thermostat Options

Which type of programmable thermostat will be the best for your system depends on what type of heating you have. If you have a heat pump, you want a programmable thermostat that is designed for heat pumps. That way the thermostat is able to adjust settings so you wake up to a warm house in the morning.

Choose the Right Company to Work on Your HVAC System.

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