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productWhen it comes time to have a new air conditioning system installed it typically is a confusing process for the homeowner.

To help simplify this process we review the following items with the homeowner:

  • Is the size of the unit correct?
  • Are there any issues with the current ductwork? This would include rooms that are too cool or hot compared with the other rooms in the home.
  • Health issues of the occupants (i.e., asthma, allergies, etc.)
  • Energy Efficiency of the unit being selected.
  • Will the new air conditioning system fit in the current location or will it need to be relocated? (The new high efficiency systems are much larger than systems manufactured 10 years ago and sometimes need to be relocated.)
  • Is the line set (the copper pipes that connect the outside and indoor units) the proper size for the new system?
  • Is the electrical wiring and circuit breakers the correct size and up to the current building codes?
  • What air conditioning system and manufacturer is the best value to meet the customer’s budget and needs?
  • Would the customer like to have an Energy Audit performed on their home? These services can range from a quick overview evaluating baseload and seasonal energy costs to an extensive audit including Blower Door and Duct Blaster evaluation along with a computer analysis showing what will be the most economical retrofits to decrease energy consumption in the home.

In helping our customers select the best system for their home, Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc has developed relationships with a broad range of manufacturers. These include nationally recognized companies such as Carrier, York, Trane, Rheem/Ruud and Lennox as well as several brands that these companies produce under different labels such as Payne, Comfortmaker, and American Standard.

In recommending systems to our customers, Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc has years of experience servicing every brand of air conditioning and heating systems. This experience has taught us which brands require less repairs, last the longest, and have the highest customer satisfaction. These are the only brands and products we sell.

To provide you with complete home comfort, we offer many other services at Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc:

  • Home Performance Contracting
  • Geothermal Service and Installation
  • Heating systems maintenance, service, installation and replacement
  • Solar installation
  • Residential and Commercial new construction installation of various products
  • Pool Heaters installation and repair
  • Plumbing services
  • Energy rated windows
  • Insulation
  • Electrical water appliances
  • And many more…

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