Air Conditioning in Sarasota Springs

If you are in need of fact, dependable, quality, and affordable HVAC service then be advised that Baker & Sons Air Conditioning is the company that has provided homeowners with expert air conditioning in Sarasota Springs since 1987. When it comes to routine air conditioning maintenance Baker & Sons is your go to company for dependability and quality. They also provide emergency air conditioning repairs and air conditioning system replacement. If you need any type of AC Service, repair or installation please contact us 941-227-0676.

Air Conditioning Installation

If you are considering a new affordable  system be advised  we deal in all major brands of air conditioning units and our technicians are factory trained to install them! We can guide you in the decision as make, model and size because we sell and install a wide range of high-efficiency air conditioning systems, many of them Energy Star Rated, that will save you energy and money.



Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you want to protect your AC for the long term,you will want to call for an inspection and no obligation quote for one of Baker & Sons affordable maintenance programs. When you sign up for one of our air conditioning maintenance programs it will reduce equipment failure, extend equipment life and ensure safe operation of your AC system. Call Baker & Sons today to make that appointment for your free inspection.

Air Conditioning Repair

If you hear noises, clunking of the compressor consistently coming on again and again, or realize the system is only blowing warm air; be advised air conditioning systems do not heal themselves! Whatever the reason, if your air conditioning in Sarasota Springs isn’t keeping you cool, call Baker & Sons AC.  Our air conditioning technicians are certified in all major brands of home air conditioning systems and will have your noises silenced and your air cool again in no time. If you need any type of AC Service, repair or installation or just a free no obligation estimate please contact us 941-227-0676.

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