Ruskin AC Repair

If you need AC Repair in Ruskin you can rest assured that that the go-to company for your AC repair is Baker & Sons. Our certified, licensed technicians receive extensive training and continuing education in the latest technologies used with state of the art instruments and measuring devices associated with the HVAC industry. They take pride in their 35 years of service to the Ruskin community and earning their outstanding reputation for providing you with the highest level of quality care and service in your home or office. Whatever your needs including but not limited to an annual maintenance program, custom installation, emergency heater or AC repairs, Baker & Sons not only has the experience and knowhow but also delivers quality at a reasonable price.

To learn more about Baker & Sons’ complete menu of services, programs, specials as well as heating and cooling products from the most prestigious manufactures in the HVAC Industry or just to make an appointment for a free no obligation estimate, please call us now at 941-227-0676.

Ruskin Air Conditioning

It is very hot and you have cooling problems. Fortunately for residents of Ruskin; Baker & Sons can solve any home cooling problem you might have. If you are looking to replace an old system with a modern high–efficiency system, we offer a wide variety of units with high seer ratings that save energy thereby saving you money, without any compromise to your comfort. Happy with your existing air conditioning system then our  Baker & Sons’ technicians can perform any type of maintenance necessary to keep your unit running as efficiently as possible, to ensure safe use and long equipment life.

For those who aren’t using a modern AC system, or haven’t kept up with maintenance, or some other extenuating circumstance causes cooling system problems, Baker & Sons is your go–to company in Ruskin for AC Repair. If it’s a brutally hot day and your air conditioner dies on you, don’t sweat it – give us a call!

Ruskin Indoor Air Quality

Baker & Sons will do an inspection of your vents and ducts to ascertain whether they are clean and free of dirt, debris, mold and mildew. The results will allow them to suggest the appropriate remedy be it to insure that you will be receiving good clean cold air. If you need assistance deciding what devices, products or service will  be appropriate for your home and your budget our technicians will answer any question you may have on how to achieve the best results at a reasonable cost.

Ruskin Duct Cleaning

Now that you have decided to improve the indoor air quality in your home it is important to deal with your home’s ducts. Baker and Sons recommend that duct cleaning be a regular item on your AC maintenance list as it is the last and possibly the most important step in achieving good indoor air quality. If the ducts are clean and free of all debris and molds and mildew they function as an integral part of a fine tuned operating air conditioning system.  Baker & Sons’ duct cleaning services are readily available to Ruskin residents as an individual service or in conjunction with an all-encompassing indoor air quality project. To learn more about Baker & Sons complete line of services and products or make an appointment for a free no obligation estimate, please call us now at 941-227-0676.