Air Conditioning in Port Charlotte

Baker & Sons Air Conditioning is the company that has provided homeowners with expert air conditioning in Port Charlotte since 1987. The level of confidence that residents place in the services of Baker & Sons is borne out by the 27 years of being the go to company for routine air conditioning maintenance, repair and replacement. We also provide emergency air conditioning repairs and air conditioning system replacement. If you need any type of AC Service, repair or installation please contact us 941-227-0676.

Air Conditioning Installation

If you want to buy a new system, Baker & Sons  has all the  major brands of air conditioning units and factory trained technicians to do the installation. Save money , time and your energy by letting the experts at Baker & Sons be your guide to the right equipment for the right price and by the premier Air Conditioning company serving Port Charlotte! At Baker & Sons you will save you energy and money!


Maintenance Agreement

You own it, you want it to work flawlessly forever, not fail you when it is hot and muggy and never need major repairs. Does this sound like your attitude concerning your air conditioning?. If it is your need a Baker & Sons maintenance agreement that will reduce equipment failure, extend equipment life and ensure safe operation of your AC system. Call Baker & Sons today to for a free inspection and a quote.

Air Conditioning Repair

It is hot outside and unfortunately it is hot inside as your air conditioning has died! Not to fear; if you want the sanctuary of a nice cool and comfortable home right now because your air conditioning in Port Charlotte isn’t keeping you cool, call Baker & Sons AC. Air conditioning systems, heat pumps, geothermal systems, thermostats… we fix them all. Our air conditioning technicians are certified in all major brands of home air conditioning systems. If you need any type of AC Service, repair or installation or just a free no obligation estimate please contact us 941-227-0676.

We provide Air Conditioning Services in the following cities: