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Electrical Installation

While blueprints typically show where electrical outlets and switches go, they don't include electrical installation specifications. This means that a licensed electrician is needed to make sure the electrical distribution throughout a home or business is distributed properly. Electrical codes exist for a reason. Certain standards are mandatory because they protect lives. Not only that, but a proper electrical installation protects all your appliances that use electricity.

Temporary Electrical Installation

While a building is in the construction phase, a temporary electrical installation may be necessary. You might not think that hiring an electrician is important at this state, but the National Electrical Code (NEC) has rules for temporary wiring. Why? Because flexible cords and cables can be damaged, but more importantly can cause trip and fall injuries, how they are used around the work site is important.

The NEC mandates that cable assemblies and flexible cords be supported to ensure they are protected from physical damage. While staples may be used, cable ties, hooks and straps are better as they are less likely to cause damage. Using vegetation to support cords violates NEC rules.

Planning for Electrical Installation

The most important step in planning for an electrical installation is to make sure you hire the right electrician for the job. Here's what you need to look for.

Does the Electrician Usually Handle the Type of Electrical Installation You Need?

Some electricians specialize in remodeling, others in new construction. Some electricians specialize in HVAC and others in minor repairs. And then there are electrical contractors that are experts at handling a broad range of electrical situations—electrical installations for new construction, electrical renovations, HVAC electrical, commercial electrical (3 phase), etc.

While an electrician may be qualified to handle any of these different types of electrical installations, this doesn't necessarily make the electrician a good choice for your job. When an electrician routinely handles a specific type of electrical job, say renovation, that electrician becomes very efficient at it. If you are paying by the hour, this can benefit you financially.

Hire Only Licensed Electricians

There’s more to electrical installation than just connecting wires. There are codes that need to be met. These codes have been developed to assure the safety of your home or business. Faulty wiring can lead to serious consequences. A faulty ground can lead to serious electrical burns and even death. An overloaded circuit can lead to fire. These are just two reasons why you should never use an electrician who doesn't have a valid electrician's license.

An electrician who has obtained a license must pass an exam demonstrating his/her knowledge of NEC standards. This is your assurance that your electrical installation will be designed to meet NEC codes.

Bonded and Insured Electricians

In many areas, it is mandatory that any type of contractor be bonded and insured. Even if this isn't the case where you live, an electrician who is bonded and insured offers you additional security. If the contractor fails to perform the work after receiving payment, the bond protects you. And if something happens during the electrical installation, insurance also protects you from loss.

Electrical Installation Permits

If an electrician is willing to proceed with work without securing the necessary permits for the electrical installation, it could be a sign that he/she would be willing to cut corners in other areas as well. A permit also protects you. It guarantees that a neutral third party (the city or county electrical inspector) must sign off on the electrician's work. If the work isn't up to par, you have recourse.

It is best to have the electrical contractor secure the permit in his/her name. Then the permit needs to be posted on the job site.

At Baker & Sons we have 23 years of experience in residential and commercial electrical installation. All of our electricians are licensed and skilled in the many different types of electrical installations Sarasota, Manatee & Charlotte County property owners need.

We install new electrical systems that not only meet their immediate needs but are flexible enough to meet potential future needs. We repair and remodel existing electrical systems as well.

Call us today at (941) 377-3602 for a quote on your electrical installation.


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