Air Conditioning Tips

Baker & Sons Air Conditioning, Inc offers the following to help keep your AC system operating at peak levels and to keep your energy costs as low all summer long.

Thermostat Settings: 78 – 82°F

For every two degrees Fahrenheit below the range of 78 – 82°F, electrical costs can increase by about 15%. Also, if the thermostat is set lower, the AC will obviously be used more often, which means the need for repairs will happen more frequently.

Ac Tips

Ac Tips

Use Cooler Nighttime Temperatures

Before air conditioners were invented, everyone knew that opening up the house in the evening to let as much of the cooler air in as possible. Once the cool air had entered, they would close the house up and the next day would be more tolerable.

Homeowners can still employ a similar method today. When the weather forecast says that the next day will be particularly hot, you can run your air conditioner the night before to get out ahead of the heat. With this cooler air already present in the home, the air conditioning system won’t have to work as hard to keep the home cool the next day when temperatures rise.

Prevent Duct Leaks

Properly sealed ducts can save homeowners 17% to 35% on their electric bills. Obviously homes that are already well insulated won’t see results this dramatic, but energy savings will still be between 5% and 10%. Among the areas in ductwork that often leak are cap ends, sleeve connections and floor registers.

For those experiencing higher than usual summer energy bills, it’s probably time to call a professional. An HVAC technician can determine if there are leaks in your air conditioning supply by performing a duct pressure test. The tech can then provide you with a quote on the work required to improve the efficiency of your system.

Attic Insulation & Ventilation

It’s important that your home’s attic be properly insulated and vented because more heat is absorbed through the roof than any other exterior surface. The insulation will help keep heat out, while vents give hot air that does enter an escape route.

Monitor Condenser Coils

If your air conditioners condenser coils are dirty your energy costs will go up and the life of the unit will be shortened. You can prevent these issues by keeping outdoor and indoor coils free of dirt and debris.

Indoors you can use a vacuum to remove dust. A water hose is fine outside, but make sure it doesn’t put pressure on exterior coils. The wrong kinds of chemicals can lead to corrosion so steer clear of home cleaning products when maintaining your air conditioner. If you notice any bent fins, a fin tool can be used to straighten them.

Excessively dirty coils should only be dealt with by a professional technician. If an untrained homeowner attempts to clean them it could severely damage the unit, leading to costly repairs.

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